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Save Energy

Smart thermostats help reduce energy you consume, which keeps both your wallet and the environment happier.

Connects to your Smartphone

All smart thermostats have the ability to communicate over Wi-Fi with your smart phones and tablets, giving you many options for advanced controllability.


Receive Maintenance Alert

Many smart thermostats will alert you if your heating or cooling system requires service, or if you need to change an air filter.

Energy Usage Reports

Nest and Ecobee thermostats offer you insights about the energy you use to heat and cool your home. You receive monthly reports on your energy usage and tips to help reduce your energy bill.



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Model Details Nest 3rd Generation Thermostat Ecobee3 Thermostat Ecobee SmartSi Thermostat LUX/Geo Thermostat Honeywell WiFi Touchscreen Thermostat Honeywell Smart Thermostat
Price After Rebate $149.00 $149.00 $89.50 $62.50 $74.50 $99.50
C-wire Required no no Yes no Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Learns Over Time Yes Yes No No No No
ENERGY Usage Report Yes Yes Yes No No No
Comes with Remote Sensors No Yes No No No No
Maintenance Alerts  Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Installation Services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Before purchasing your new smart thermostat, you should ensure that your heating and cooling system(s) are compatible with your desired thermostat.

First, remove the cover from your current thermostat and make a list or take a picture of the different colored wires.

Next, click on the brand of the thermostat you would like to purchase to check compatibility.

Now you're ready to purchase your Smart Thermostat - just add your desired thermostat to your cart.


At the checkout, click on the "Apply Rebates" button and make your purchase. You should be receiving your thermostat via mail in the next few days.

Note: Some thermostats require a C-Wire (also referred to as a common wire) to power the device. If you do not have a C-Wire on your existing thermostat, there are products in the market that act as an adapter (type “thermostat c-wire adapter” into your favorite search engine), or a contractor can help you install the device.

If you still have any questions regarding thermostat compatibility, please contact our customer support team.