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Why should you upgrade your power strip?

Many electronics continue to use energy even after they’ve been turned off. This wasted energy - known as “vampire load” - costs the average home about $200 per year.*

Unlike conventional power strips, which allow you to plug in multiple devices and shield them from energy surges, advanced power strips can also detect when your electronics are not actively in use and prevent them from continuing to zap energy.

* Department of Energy

Benefits of advanced power strips


Surge Protection

Advanced power strips will protect your equipment from damage in the event of a power surge.


Peace of Mind

Advanced power strips come with a number of "always-on" outlets designed to keep your essential electronics


Ecologically friendly

LED bulbs are free of toxic chemicals like mercury and are 100% recyclable. LEDs help protect the environment and prevent climate change.


Easy, Automated Savings

These smart and efficient power strips detect when your electronics are not in active use, and prevent them from.

Tier 1 and Tier 2

There are two types of advanced power strips: Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Tier 1: power strips save energy by turning off peripherals when the master device (usually the TV in home entertainment systems) is turned off.

Tier 2: power strips have the same features as a Tier 1 power strips, but also include a sensor that detects if electronics are not being used and turns them off.

Types of Outlets

Advanced power strips have three types of outlets: always on, master-current sensing, and controlled outlet.

Always On

All advanced power strips include always on outlets. This outlets does not have any sensors, and as the name suggests, is always on.

Works best with:

Warm & Soft Warm & Soft

Master Current Sensing Outlet:

This outlet uses current sensing, or in some cases, infrared sensing, to sense when there has been no activity on a device for a certain period of time and automatically turns off that device.

Works best with:

Warm & Soft Warm & Soft

Controlled Outlet

These outlets are controlled by the master-current sensing outlet. When the master-current sensing outlet turns off, it also shuts down power to the controlled outlets.

Works best with:

Warm & Soft Warm & Soft

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