Thermostat Installation


About This Service

PSE&G thermostat installation services is available to customers who reside in PSE&G’s electric and/or natural gas service territory and purchase an eligible smart thermostat from the PSE&G Marketplace.

The purchase of installation service is optional, and is not a requirement for receiving a rebate on the purchase of an eligible smart thermostat. However, the purchase of an eligible smart thermostat is required prior to scheduling an installation. 

Installation Specs

Electric Central A/C

Installation services are limited to residential electric central air conditioning split systems that utilize R22 or R410A refrigerant and are rated at five tons or less by the manufacturer.

Furnaces and Boilers

Installation services are limited to thermostats controlling residential central heating provided by natural gas fired furnaces and boilers with an input rating of less than 400,000 BTUs.


The equipment must be compatible with the requirements of the smart thermostat manufacturer without addition or alteration of any existing controls. Check out our Thermostat Buyer's Guide for a custom compatibility checker. 


The equipment being controlled by the smart thermostat must be in good working condition on the date of the smart thermostat installation.

Don't have a Smart Thermostat yet?

Save up to $150 on your purchase of a smart thermostat with instant rebates available exclusively on PSE&G Marketplace! Smart thermostat can can save you energy and money by learning your preferred temperature and adjusting to efficient settings when you are away or asleep. Plus, they offer the convenience of controlling your thermostat from anywhere using your smart phone.