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Why should you upgrade showerheads and faucet aerators?

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Unlike conventional power strips, which allow you to plug in multiple devices and shield them from energy surges, advanced power strips can also detect when your electronics are not actively in use and prevent them from continuing to zap energy.

Benefits of water saving products


Save energy

Advanced power strips will protect your equipment from damage in the event of a power surge.


Connects to your smartphone

Advanced power strips will protect your equipment from damage in the event of a power surge.


Receive Maintenance Alerts

Advanced power strips will help you save up to $100 each year on electricity costs when you use its auto-off feature.


Energy Usage Reports

Advanced power strips come with a number of "always-on" outlets designed to keep your essential electronics

Types of water savings products

Advanced power strips have three types of outlets: always on, master-current sensing, and controlled outlet.


You can replace your showerhead with a more efficient showerhead that we offer.


You can use this adaptor to save water & energy without replacing your showerhead.


You can save water & energy by installing an aeratorto your kitchen and bathroom faucet.

Buy your water saving products today

Now you're ready to purchase your new showerhead and kitchen aerator...

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