ecobee4 WiFi Thermostat

ecobee4 WiFi Thermostat

ecobee4 WiFi Thermostat
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More than just a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats allow you to control your thermostat from your phone, and even learn your home temperature preferences to make automatic adjustments to keep you comfortable. But here's where the ecobee4 gets even smarter: it has innovative room sensors that can detect hot or cold areas of your home to increase comfort for every room, year-round.   

Amazon Alexa Voice Service

Now featuring Amazon Alexa Voice Service, you can speak directly to your ecobee4 from across the room using far-field technology. Ask Alexa to do things like: set the temperature, read the news, set a timer, and more.

Anytime, anywhere

The ecobee4 lets you monitor and control the temperature in your home anytime, anywhere, on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. And when you're home, simply speak directly to your ecobee4 without the need for another device. 

Lower your energy bills

ecobee4 saves an average of 23% on your heating and cooling each year for full details, visit

Uses local weather and your system to take the least amount of time to cool or heat your home.

Vacation mode keeps energy use low and easy to adjust while you enjoy some much deserved time away.

Alerts and reminders help you solve issues faster by notifying you right away if ecobee senses something isn't working.

Free energy reports give you insights on how much you've saved based on run times and offer tips for further savings.

Room sensors help to maintain comfort throughout your entire home, not just where your thermostat is located. One room sensor is included, additional sensors are sold separately and can be seen here.

Fast, Easy Installation


Most customers are able to install the ecobee4 in 30 minutes or less. Installation is made easy by ecobee's step-by-step guide that can be viewed from your phone or other mobile device. 

Before you purchase the ecobee4, please make sure that your heating and cooling system(s) are compatible. You can easily check your HVAC compatibility by using our thermostat buyer's guide

What’s a C-wire?

A c-wire (also referred to as a common wire) is a low voltage power wire that many modern thermostats require for their features to work. This ecobee4 requires a c-wire or installation of the power extender kit (included) to work.

Many older homes don’t have a c-wire because mercury and battery-powered thermostats didn’t require one. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you have a c-wire and that your HVAC system is compatible with ecobee's thermostat. To determine if you have a c-wire, please remove your old thermostat's cover plate. You should see several wire terminals labeled with letters. If a wire is connected to the “C” terminal, you have a c-wire.

If you do not have a c-wire on your existing thermostat, you maybe able to substitute an extra wire or the “G” wire for the c-wire. You can also hire an HVAC contractor to help you install the c-wire and the thermostat.

If you still have any questions regarding the ecobee4 please contact our customer support team.